Vegan Bagel Sandwich

Ingredients and Quantities: (per serving) Method Cook Time: 10 minutes Toast Bagel in the toaster on setting 4 (depends how you like it toasted). While the Bagel get toasted. Start heating the pan on full heat and add 2 tbsp coconut oil. Once you start seeing lighter fumes appearing, turn the heat to half/ medium.Continue reading “Vegan Bagel Sandwich”


The goal of type 1 diabetics should be to reduce their insulin requirement to a minimum while maintaining the best possible health, especially of the cardiovascular system, through vigilant control of blood sugar levels and attention to diet, exercise and stress reduction. Since insulin production, blood sugar levels, and the types of foods a diabeticContinue reading “NUTRITIONDIARIES #TIPOFTHEDAY #2: TYPE 1 DIABETES”

NutritionDiaries #Tipoftheday #1: What kind of supplementation do we rely on?

Supplementations are 2 kinds in the market: Salt based and Food based. Salt-based Supplementations leave residue in the body as they get absorbed only 60% in our body Food-based Supplementations are sourced from food and are 100% digestible leaving no side effects My recommendations are based on Nutrilite supplements as they are food based,100% digestible,Continue reading “NutritionDiaries #Tipoftheday #1: What kind of supplementation do we rely on?”

TT Salads & Grills

Here we are with the weekend evening spent at TT Salads & Grills. A nice place to chill out during weekends. I went for a dinner with a friend this weekend. The place is well equipped with decent furniture. The lighting was good not too bright not too dark however I personally like the darkContinue reading “TT Salads & Grills”

Chapati Noodles With Egg White

Its another weekend, however its not just another weekend. Its another new day for new creation. If you are craving for something new, its here. I prepared this for my dinner. However you may have it in snack time too. It’s a great tummy filler. If you don’t want to have chapati, then you canContinue reading “Chapati Noodles With Egg White”

Tofu Mix Vegetable

Lets get our taste buds to tofu. It may seem like Paneer (Cottage Cheese) once cooked but there’s much difference in the nutritional value. I will not say which one is better, both are good depending on the type of nutrition you are planned with or what you are consuming in your day. Paneer hasContinue reading “Tofu Mix Vegetable”

Banana Bread Kulfi

If you are a kulfi lover or ice cream love, doesn’t matter; you are going to love this. I am bringing to you kulfi made from bread and banana with a goodness of milk and honey. I will bring you different varieties prepared in a healthy way. Here I haven’t used any sugar not evenContinue reading “Banana Bread Kulfi”

Langar Wali Dal / Punjabi Maa Chhole Ki Dal

It’s Sunday and I bring to you what is prepared in GuruDwaras/ Mega Kitchens of India. It’s the traditional curry which has been served for years in our GuruDwaras. We all Indians love this and enjoy the fragrance it has, the way it soothes our taste buds. However, I have prepared this in the shortest wayContinue reading “Langar Wali Dal / Punjabi Maa Chhole Ki Dal”

Scrambled Eggs

Thank God It’s Friday! The weekend is just a day after and it’s time to bring one more recipe in our plates. You will enjoy preparing this one coz its fun and it’s just like playing with food and it required minimal skills to prepare while it consumes the least time to prepare this. ScrambledContinue reading “Scrambled Eggs”