Crispy Fried Chicken Breast



Whether or not you’re cooking for one or planning a family feast, chicken breast makes a pleasant go-to meat for many a pleasing meal. From chicken Kiev to Provencal grilled bird, sharpen your fowl repertoire with this assortment of flavourful and convenient-to-make recipes. Here i am preparing crispy chicken breast.

Lets get started!

Overall Cooking Time: 7 minutes


  • Boneless Chicken breasts 3 Nos.
  • Eggs 3 Nos.
  • All purpose floor
  • Lots of vegetable oil
  • Indian spices


  1. Bring in chicken breasts. Lay them flat on the counter. Flatten it with the help of hammer or pan.
  2. Remove the moisture using kitchen paper. Keep aside.IMG_20170619_002209_wm
  3. Now take a mixing bowl and break eggs. Add spices (1/3 tbsp each of salt, black pepper, red chili powder)
  4. Now take frier and add vegetable oil. Bring it to heat.
  5. Now take a breast. dip it in egg, then roll it up in the flour.
  6. Put it to frier. Let it fry under golden brown.
  7. Similarly fry other 2 chicken breasts.
  8. Once done . Plate it and have it along with mayonnaise.


Calories 834.8
Total Fat 37.0 gm
Cholesterol 318.5 mg
Sodium 2.7 gm
Potassium 1.0 gm
Total Carbohydrate 4.7 gm
Protein 115.8 gm

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