No Patty Mini Burgers!

We like a great burger. There have been many studies to figure out our favourite manner to make the fine hamburgers. There are not any “guidelines” to creating burgers. There are numerous processes out there for how to make the best burger — maximum of what we point out beneath may be used across all of them. Lets make out simple mini burgers without any patty!

Here we go!

Mini buns 4 Nos.
French fries
Cucumber 1 No.
Onion 1 No.
Tomato 1 No.
1. Start with the buns.

2. Cut the mini buns into halves.

3. Lets bring the pan to heat. 
4. Grease the pan with little bit of oil.
5. Bring the buns to pan. Keep turning the side until they become crispy.

6. Now take kadai on the other side. Bring in vegetable oil for frying.
7. Fry the potato fries until they turn crispy.

8. In mean time, unpeel the cucumber and onion and slice tomato, onion 
   and cucumber. 

9. Now fries are done. Keep aside.
10. Lets start with lower half of bun.

11. Place the potato fries (3 in count).

12. Bring the onion slice.

13. Now place the tomato slice.

14. Bring in the cucumber slice.

15. Cover it up with the upper half of bun.
Suggestions: you can have it with or without sauce of your choice.

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A Foodie, a Swimmer, a Volunteer, a Numismatist...

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