Fish Sandwich

Sandwiches are great!!! Today we are preparing fish sandwich. Here we are using tuna fish which taste awesome!


Bread slices

Tuna fish


Mustard sauce

For saucy spread


Chili tomato sauce

Spices (black salt, pepper)


  1. bring pan to heat. Put some oil.
  2. Bring in tuna fish and break it into smaller parts.2017-04-14 12.22.27-3

3. Let the fish cook for 2 minutes.

4. Now on the other side, bring out another pan or tawa to heat.

5. Put slices of bread on tawa and toast them well from both sides.2017-04-14 12.27.31-3

6. Now bring a mixing bowl.

7. Lets put fish and mayonnaise. Mix it well.2017-04-14 12.29.33-3

8. Now take one slice of bread. Spread some mayonnaise.

9. Now place tuna fish over the slice.

10. Spread some mustard sauce.2017-04-14 12.32.13-3

11. Now lets make saucy spread.

Take 100 gms curd. Put 1/2 tbsp each of black salt and pepper. Add some chili tomato sauce. Saucy spread is ready!

12. Now bring in saucy spread.2017-04-14 12.33.38-3

13. Complete the sandwich by covering it with second slice of bread.

Ready! 🙂


Published by Himanshu Kumar

A Foodie, a Swimmer, a Volunteer, a Numismatist...

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