Rice Paratha

Parathas are the traditional breakfast in North India. It’s full of energy and includes ghee which is a good antioxidant with antiviral properties.

Here we are preparing Paratha stuffed with rice. Let’s start with this now.

Boiled rice.

Wheat dough.


Red chili powder

Garam marsala

Herb (basil)
1. Take a well kneaded wheat dough and take out smooth balls out of it. 

2. Now lightly flour the rolling area.

3. Take one dough ball and roll it to flatten it on the rolling surface.

4. Put a decent amount of boiled rice. Include spices now: 1/5each of salt,
   red chili powder and garam marsala. 

5. Now half fold from one side and then from other. Half fold again from other 
   two sides to make it a flattened cube.

6. Now roll it firmly to flatten it to make a square. Dust with some flour if 

7. Now put it over pre heated tawa.

8. Turn it on half cooked. Apply some ghee.

9. Turn again on half cooked on other side. Again apply ghee.

10. Turn it when one side is cooked well.

11. One done on both sides. Cut the Paratha cross to make four equal parts. 

Ready to eat!

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