Egg paneer salad

Salads can be healthier way of eating along with satisfying your taste buds. Here I bring you salad first ever prepared by me. As the name says, this one contain eggs and paneer. Let’s see how I created this:

Ingredients:                                                           Serves: 1
2 boiled eggs (cut each into 6 pieces)
Paneer 50g (cut into small cubes)
Spring onions (1 stick)
1/2 tomato
8 baby spinach leaves
1/2 lemon
Green chili (4 Nos)
Spices (black salt, chaat masaala, pepper)
Coconut chutney
Take mixing bowl. 
Cut spinach leaves. 
Mix all ingredients in bowl. 
Add all spices in adequate quantity. 
Now take serving plate. 
Plate the mix. 
Squeeze lemon over it. 
Spread coconut chutney along it. 

Published by Himanshu Kumar

A Foodie, a Swimmer, a Volunteer, a Numismatist...

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